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German language course for beginners

2018-09-28, 03:44

2017-2019持續進修發展計劃 -教育暨青年局

Course No. 180710001-0

Course dates: 23 October to 12 December, 2018 / 16 sessions (32 hours)

Teacher: Mr. Marco Pohl

Schedule: Every Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Medium of instruction: English                                                          

Course Fee: Mop 1,500

Deadline of enrollment: 19 October, 2018

Class Venue: Escola Portuguesa de Macau, Av. Infante D. Henrique, Room No.309, Macau.

Contact: Ms Cheung or Ms Lam  Tel:28354326

Enrollment Venue: Calcada do Gaio, No. 6, Macau (the red building facing the Vasco Da Gama garden and with the Hotel Royal to the right).

Download the German Language Course for Beginners application form

Course Program

23 Oct

Introduction into German (Start auf Deutsch)

Meeting someone, introduce yourself and others, talk about yourself and others

Alphabet, pronunciation

Numbers 1-20, phone numbers, age


Talk about countries and languages (Woher kommst du?)

Film: Guten Tag Die Telefonnummer Ich spreche…


Friends, Collegues and me (Freunde, Kollegen und ich)

Talk about hobbies, set up dates

Name the days of the week


Talk about work and professions (Berufe und Arbeit)

Numbers over 20

articles der, die, das, verbs and personal pronouns II, ja/nein-question

Film: Die Verabredung │ Ihr Familienname


In the City (In der Stadt)

Name places and buildings, questions to places, transportation

Ask for the way and describe a way


Texts with international words, directions

Grammar: definite article der, die, das – plural: die indefinite article ein, eine │ negative article kein, keine

Film: Die Autofahrt │ Claudia Berg bei der Arbeit │ Mein Fahrrad


Enjoy your meal! (Guten Appetit!)

Talk about food, plan your shopping, conversations while shopping


Conversations during a meal (Was isst du gern?)

Grammar: word order in the sentence, Akkusativ-objects

Film: Frühstück bei den Bergs │ Einkaufen



Day by Day (Tag für Tag)

Say and understand times, talk about family

Set up appointments, apologize for a delay



Daily routine (Tagesablauf), activities during the day

Grammar: possessive articles, modal verbs

Film: Nie hast du Zeit! │ Termine


Time with friends (Zeit mit Freunden)

Make plans together, talk about birthdays


Order and pay in a restaurant (Zahlen bitte!)

Grammar: prepositions, separable verbs

Film: Hast du Zeit? │ Im Restaurant


My living environment (Meine Wohnung)

Describe an apartment, plan your furniture set-up


Talk about interior decoration (Wie findest du das?)

Express likes and dislikes

Grammar: adjectives

Film: Meine Wohnung


Into the holidays (Ab in den Urlaub)

Understand reports about holiday trips


Describe your holidays, weather, activities, write a postcard

Film: Koffer packen │ Wie war’s?

Review and Summary

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