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Italian language course Beginners I (A1-a)

2017-09-22, 05:30

Italian language course Beginners I (A1-a) 2017-2019持續進修發展計劃

This course is an introduction to the Italian language and culture. It is intended for absolute beginners, for students with no prior knowledge of the more

Spanish language course for beginners

2017-09-22, 05:20


 Spanish language course for beginners 2017-2019 持續進修發展計劃

The course will begin on 13 October and finish on 13 < read more

IEEM Conference 2017

2017-09-20, 08:57

IEEM Conference 2017

Multiple Modernities – The New Populism and New Authoritarianism

read more

Courses on ‘Urban Design in Europe & China’ and ‘Macau’s urban Transformation’

2017-09-04, 09:06

The Institute of European Studies of Macau has the pleasure to invite you to attend a two days’ course in Urban Design

Urban Design in Europe and in China: lessons from London and Beijing

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MESA - "Big Data and Data Analytics"

2017-09-04, 05:14


 Date: 21 September 2017 (Thursday)  

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