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Master of Arts in European Studies 2018/2019

Duration: 2 years (1st year – course work; 2nd year – Academic thesis or project report)
Admission Requirements: Holder of bachelor degree in Arts and Social Sciences, preferably Economics, Political Science, Law, European languages, or other related disciplines
Medium of Instruction: English
Application Deadline: 28 February 2018
Class Commencement:  August, 2018 (Courses will be conducted in the evenings)
Contact: Ms. Sun Lai Man, Yvonne or Mr. Jimmy Leong
Telephone: (853)28354326    Fax: (853)28356155

 Master of Arts in European Studies 2018/2019               Updated on 19, January 2018
Course Code Subject Instructors Type Credits Hours
 Module 1: General (102 hours)  
EURS710  Public Policy and Politics  Miguel Poiares   Maduro Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS711  Governments and EU   Governance  Mario Telo Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS712  Social Policy and European Identity  Thomas Meyer Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS715  History of European   Integration  Song Weiqing Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS716  Research Methods  Wang Jianwei Compulsory 1.0 15
EURS717  Academic Writing  Katrine Wong Compulsory 1.0 15
 Module 2: Economics (117 hours)  
EURS724  Introduction to   Macroeconomics  Jimmy Leong Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS725  Theory of European   Integration  Manuel Porto Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS726  Economic Policies of the EU  Francesco   Passarelli Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS727  The European Monetary   Union in the World Context  Clas Wihlborg Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS728  Globalization & EU's Foreign Direct Investment  Zhang Haiyan Required Elective#/Compulsory* 1.0 15
EURS737  EU and Sustainable
 Henry Lei Chun   Kwok Required Elective#/Compulsory* 1.0 15
EURS730  Selected Topics in European Economy  Jorge Alves Required Elective#/Compulsory* 1.0 15
 Module 3: Legal Framework (54 hours)  
EURS734  EU Law I – Institutions and   Treaties  Paulo Canelas   de  Castro Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS735  EU Law II – Four Freedoms  Julien Chaisse Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS738  The Lisbon Treaty and   Institutional Reform  Francis Snyder Compulsory 1.2 18
 Module 4: EU and the World (87 hours)  
EURS745  Theory of International   Relations  Hao Yufan Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS746  External & Security Policies  of   EU  Francisco   Leandro Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS747  EU and the World I: the   Neighbourhood  Stefano Pilotto Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS748  EU and the World II: EU-Asia   Relations  José Luís de   Sales  Marques Compulsory 1.2 18
EURS749  EU and the World III: the Rest   of the World  Henk Houweling Required Elective#/Compulsory* 1.0 15
 Module 1-4:    21 Courses   Total 21.0/24.0  
 Academic Thesis   compulsory 6.0 --
 Project Report   Compulsory 3.0 --
    Total 6.0/3.0  
    Grand Total 27.0  

# For students who choose Academic Thesis. Students who choose Academic Thesis should take one out of the four
    required elective courses.
* For students who choose Project Report

Course Timetable for 2017/2018

Timetable of Master of Arts in European Studies 2017/2018 from 09/2017 to 12/2017 
Timetable of Master of Arts in European Studies 2017/2018 from 01/2018 to 03/2018
imetable of Master of Arts in European Studies 2017/2018 from 04/2018 to 06/2018


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